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coach kjersti

With a diverse past that was laced with tragedy, adversity, and joy, Kjersti learned how to persevere though life with a lighthearted, compassionate and fun-loving attitude.  Having worked in the corporate world for over 20 years, she brings professionalism and planning to the table.  Kjersti is mom to two young girls and loves to travel. 

youniquely you

Youniquely You Consulting was born out of the desire to help others find their way in this world.  At a quick glance, most find life filled with the influence from social media, others opinions, and ideas imposed upon them.  This sometimes makes it hard to remember who you truly are and your own desires and needs.  By engaging with Youniquely You Consulting, we will work together to help you decipher what is true to you and what is not, and how to start to reveal your true self as opposed to what others think you should or should not be. Everyone is as unique as their fingerprint and has their very own path in life.

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